Игра Need for Speed: Carbon Alb Custom Car Pack v 1.4 для ПК скачать через торрент бесплатно и на высокой скорости. 18 окт 2015 Need for speed most wanted dangerous turn (2011) Need for speed most. Все коды и секреты (1) Коды на Mass Effect3 мая 2012 Сюжет меня очень завлек. Помочь в поиске и поимке одного опасного гонщика. Need for Speed Carbon 100 Completed Save - скачать бесплатно.

. Опубликовано: 12 апр 2015. drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bwu9h3wW6o7RVkhvWWpmY1hUWW8?usp=sharing.UPDATE. it seems nfscars servers deleted my save and i didnt had backup. Luckily i had backup of 4% completed career of same save. Its a shame but ill try to fix this once i get the time This is a very special save-game for nfs carbon with 0% career progress(i.e. I have evaded first pursuit,no option).

  • NFS Carbon CE v1.4 +21 Trainer. Наиболее полный тренер для коллекционного Карбона версии 1.4. Need For Speed.
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I tried to upload it on nfscars but seemed there's some problem with it. The game contains following car in career car lot: 1. BMW M3 GTR(With replacable vinyls) 2. Audi LeMas Quattro 3. Pagani Zonda F(C.E.) 4. Koinegsegg CCX(C.E.) 5.

Sony ddv d9. Качество: Отличное. 17 520 000 да 8 да 7 322 416 6 630 000 Sony ddv-v9 мануал.

Chevy Camaro Concept(C.E.) 6. Darius' Supra 7. Kenji's RX-7 8. Kenji's Lancer 9. Angie's R/T 10. Angie's Challenger concept 11. Wolf's DB9 12.

Nfs Carbon Unlocker 1 4 Поиск Завершённости

Wolf's Lamborghini 13. Jaguar XK(C.E.) 14. Cross' Corvette (Guess who's back!!!!!!!!!!) You can select any car to drive and show the Wolf, Darius, Kenji and Anjie who's the boss!!!

Game may encounter bug such as selling boss cars may crash the game(In my case it crashed so dont try it). Note that DO NOT TRY TO GET THE BOSS CAR AFTER BOSS RACE OTHERWISE GAME WILL CRASH!!!(This save-game has 14 cars and for that reason I added boss cars if someone is fond of so it makes no sense to get the won car). The main bug is you will have to use these cars only(you cannot add new except hex editing). Since these are the required cars I hope you will not have the problem with these.

Nfs Carbon Unlocker 1 4 Поиск Завершённой

Another bug you may notice in boss cars that police chases are very less. Police will appear only once after you are out of garage and not more than that and the heat level of all boss cars remains same.

Nfs carbon unlocker 1 4 поиск завершённого

Except cars everything is locked as per game default so if someone is interested to unlock reward cards by him/her self they can do it. This is my first custom save-game i made because other save-games do not contain Collector edition cars. Please appreciate if you like This Save-game is made on Collector's Edition. You can try it on normal version but at your own risk. Loading this save game will not affect anything but do it at your own risk!!!! I will be not Responsible if your screen blows up or your cpu cries for help!!!!!!!!!!! If any other problem appears then feel free to say.

I will reply quickly as soon as i can. And this career is started from exotics section(I wanted to drive neveille his gallardo in race).To get Neveille his gallardo, wait until sal joins and fire him and yo! He brings his gallardo(He felt very bad for getting fired up lol!).

And again DO NOT TRY TO GET BOSS CAR AFTER DUEL. Savegame Link: drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwu9h3wW6o7RQjA3bmd2TFY5RW8/view?usp=sharing (shown in video) alternate link(Mistakes corrected): www.nfscars.net/need-for-speed-carbon/8/files/view/13669/ www.nfscars.net/carbon/file/20920/#comments-427033.

3 года назад Well i cannot make a video right now but follow these steps: 1. You must know where the save file is being saved. I assume that you know it. Open the save editor.

Choose the save you want to fix and click on tools. In the data file hash column, there is a button below called fix. In cd-key option, make sure both cd keys are same otherwise you will end up in errors. Save the file and close.

Nfs Carbon Unlocker 1 4 Поиск Завершённого


You will have now a working save. Sorry for delayed reply and thanks for feedback.

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